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Backstairs at the Monte Carlo: A Vegas Memoir          By Gaylon Kent
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The Regular Guys
A Novel
Gaylon Kent
 The Regular Guys                                      A Novel By Gaylon Kent
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 Go In Peace, Consolidate Wealth and Power
The Diary of a Nobody: A Novel About Everyday Life       By Gaylon Kent 
The Regular Guys
The Regular Guys is a story that took a long time to tell. I was still a kid growing up in Los Angeles when the idea first hatched and was in my early  20's when the Lenny and Larry characters began asserting themselves. They are completely original and are not based on anyone specific.

I didn't actually sit down to write it, however, until 2004 or so. I can reckon that date because Lenny and Larry's agent, Morty Klineman, is more or less named after someone I could not have met before the spring of 2004.

A couple of tidbits: the first chapter written was the kidnapping chapter. I knew it would be far along in the book, so I did not bother coming up with last names for Lenny and Larry, because one I hadn't thought of them yet and, two, I figured they would've already been established and didn't want to waste time on them. When I later started writing Chapter 1 they didn't seem necessary, so Lenny and Larry each only have one name.

Also, there is no time element. It is not possible to tell how many years elapse from the start of the book to the end and Lenny and Larry do not age, though a couple of other characters do. This literary tactic, which I'm sure has a name, was inspired by Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe mysteries, where Mr Wolfe and Archie Goodwin are the same age throughout. -gk

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The Regular Guys - A Novel By Gaylon Kent
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The Diary of a Nobody - A Novel By Gaylon Kent 
Backstairs at the Monte Carlo: A Vegas Memoir! By Gaylon Kent
The Liberty Handbook                                                                             By Gaylon Kent