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Find out what happens when two comedians - Lenny and Larry - each going nowhere on their own - decide to work together and end up becoming the bigget act on the planet!

A funny look at what constitutes success, not to mention the value of patience, hard work and crap like that.
Penn State Gets Off Easy 

2008 Election Day 

July 20, 2009: One Small Step

The Bottom Ten: Team of the Decade

July 4, 1776
Join the mifits of of the  graveyard shift of the security department at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino on the world famous Las Vegas Strip!

The funniest Vegas memoir you will ever read! To get any closer to the action you would have to clock in and go to work yourself!
From Gaylon Kent - America's Foremost Humorist

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   The Regular Guys - A Novel By Gaylon Kent

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   Backstairs at the Monte Carlo:
                    A Vegas Memoir! By Gaylon Kent