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Backstairs at the Monte Carlo: A Vegas Memoir              By Gaylon Kent
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The Diary of a Nobody: A Novel About Everyday Life            By Gaylon Kent 
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The Diary of a Nobody
 has its roots in a 19th century English novel of the same name.

Written by a pair of brothers, the original
Diary of a Nobody chronicles the life an average English bloke with a wife, an everyday job and an adult son who recently lost his job and moved back home.

Well, I thought to myself while enjoying the book immensely, there is no reason this cannot be done today.

So Sparrow was born.

Writing something like this is not for everybody. Us writers tend to want to write big, sweeping books, the Big One they've all been waiting for, when actually one of the thngs you hire us for is to point the good in everyday life and Sparrow does a good job of that.

Those who have read
Backstairs at the Monte Carlo may - or they may not - find it interesting to note Sparrow is the last name of the X-Ray character, though the similarity ends there.  - gk
I write so you will remember it the rest of your lives.
There is no other reason to do it, folks, none whatsoever.
                    - Gaylon Kent
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The Diary of a Nobody 
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