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I write so you will remember it the rest of your lives.
There is no other reason to do it, folks.
None whatsoever.
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I write so you will remember this the rest of your lives.
There is no other reason to do it, folks.
None, whatsoever.
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Friday February 20
Swapped trucks today…Recall we had swapped our current truck a couple of Friday's ago because the running lights weren't working…We got it back the next Tuesday and the running lights still weren't working, but we were obliged to take it anyway for reasons we're certain some wizard thought were utterly brilliant.

Well, this week the headlights went out…
I am not making that up!!!…Fortunately Wednesdays and Thursdays we only drive in the daytime, so it wasn't too big a deal the only lights we were left with were hazard lights and brights...Tuesdays and Fridays are different tho - we both start and end our days in the dark - and even the branch saw the danger in this and ordered a swap today.

Good…Sooner or later every light is going to go and as likely as not we would be stuck on a state road with no shoulder in the middle of nowhere with no communications, forced to wait outside in a blizzard because we can't risk sitting in the truck and getting plowed by a semi because they couldn't see us. 

Our friend Freddie was not pleased we were taking his truck…It's one of the new ones, identical to our old regular truck, the one I crashed in December, and he implored me to take good care of it…I told him we'd try to keep it on the road and out of the ditch for him.

Fresh off my $13 purchase of a few leaves of organic green tea, The Wife did her part by spending $13 for a few ounces hazelnut oil…When we first started dating a few years ago I would make what she called bachelor tuna…It was tuna without mayonnaise, with hazelnut oil used to keep it moist…I would add some pumpkin seeds and trail mix and other tasty things and she really liked it and the past month or so had been making some of her famous noises about me producing it.

This was met with little enthusiasm from me...I've pleaded my cooking skills have atrophied so much thanks to The Wife's brilliant kitchen skills I probably couldn't make it anymore, but no dice…At the store today she bought all the fixins' for bachelor tuna, tho, including rye bread and Swiss cheese for bachelor tuna melts, so I guess I am stuck.

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