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Backstairs at the Monte Carlo, Part 2
Backstairs at the Monte Carlo:
A Vegas Memoir
Securiity officer at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino was one of all-time favorite jobs. I took it after a period of avoiding real jobs for several years and it was a lot of fun.

The diary had its genesis in a message board I used to hang out at. I would post stuff from work and after a while I went back and copied all of it because I had an idea it might material for a novel. After I was done re-reading everything the inspiration for the novel disappeared and the idea of a memoir, in diary form, took hold. This book is the result.

Everything in
Backstairs at the Monte Carlo really happened and all the characters are real. There are no fictional or composite characters, though virtually every character is known by a nickname, or either their first or last name.

It was a fun job, and I really enjoyed working graveyard. The only possible way to get a closer look at what happens behind the scenes at a Las Vegas casino is clock in and go work there yourself.
                                                 - gk
I write so you will remember it the rest of your lives.
There is no other reason to do it, folks, none whatsoever.
- Gaylon Kent
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Backstairs at the Monte Carlo:
A Vegas Memoir!

Dearest Reader,

Thank you buying the Backstairs at the Monte Carlo e-book. I know you'll enjoy it.  - gk
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Clock in and join the misfits of the graveyard shift of the Monte Carlo Security Department on the world famous Las Vegas Strip!

From the penthouse to the holding room, from the dice pit to the employee dining room, to get any closer to what really happens in Vegas you'd have to clock in and go to work yourself. 
Backstairs at the Monte Carlo:
A Vegas Memoir!
Gaylon Kent